Dr. Yvonne Mao is a licensed physician and is known for her global facial approach to restore balance and harmony. Patients appreciate her artistry and precise eye for detail to maximize each person’s unique beauty for subtle, natural outcomes. She performs all treatments, ranging from injectables, lasers, photofacials/photorejuvenation procedures, combining PRP with medical microneedling, Morpheus8 (subdermal adipose remodeling device, PRP for hair restoration, medical grade peels, Ultherapy, laser hair treatments, and laser acne treatments. Dr. Mao is an advanced aesthetic injector with over 17 years of experience in the industry.

Our practice encourages the concept of seeing the whole person, rather than chasing individual and perceived “imperfections.” Dr. Mao hopes to destigmatize aesthetics, because treatment results should be natural, not “overdone.” Unfortunately, the glamorous ‘Hollywood’ image of aesthetics is misplaced and we work hard to do away with this imagery. Dr. Mao’s approach is artistic, natural and meticulously safe with the goal of enhancing her patients to be the best versions of themselves.

At Sustain Aesthetics, we are guided by a desire to cultivate an environmentally-conscious practice that offers an enhanced aesthetic experience. Our vision is to create a sustainable business model that can inspire others – our patients and the industry at large – to reduce our carbon footprint and save our planet.

These are some of our sustainable practices:

  • we restored a historic building and reused as much of the original materials as possible
  • our office is equipped with LED lighting
  • we use an installed RO-filter for drinking water and encourage our patients to bring their own reusable water bottles
  • we use toilet paper made from recycled paper
  • we use reusable hand towels in the restroom that are cleaned with laundry detergent strips
  • we advocate to medical-grade skincare companies to recycle empty product containers
  • we encourage patients to rethink the ways we use single-use plastic by gifting innovative sustainable products
  • we donate 10% of profits to Dr. Mao’s family-run 501(c)3 environmental education nonprofit “Environmental Scouts” – www.EnvironmentalScouts.org

We are hoping to inspire change in consumer patterns and reduce our practice’s carbon footprint, in an industry that is inherently wasteful.